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Whinny Warmers® and Summer Whinnys™ Silver can be purchased here on our web site or by sending a US Postal Money Order with the printable order form available on our site. It is our goal to have our socks available all over America in your local feed and tack stores as soon as possible. We support local merchants. Let us know how to contact your local feed and tack stores and we will do our best to get our socks on the shelves for you. Stay tuned for new socks to come!

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Instructions for putting on Summer Whinnys™ Silver (.pdf, large file)

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Whinny Warmers® available:

arctic socks Heather Gray

Summer Whinnys™ Silver available:

white socks swatch White


Whinny Warmers® and Summer Whinnys™ Silver Sizes Available:

how to measure hoofWarmblood/Thoroughbred (Fits over horseshoe size 1, 2 to 3, 5½" to 6½" hoof width) If your thoroughbred has the same size hoof as a quarter horse then order Quarter/Standard.

Quarter Horse  (Fits over horseshoe size 00 to 1, 5" to 5½" hoof width)

Pony. We have pony size socks. If you have a "Pony" that has feet as large as a quarter or Arab, consider ordering Quarter/Standard. If you have a pony, 11-14 hands and typical pony sized hooves, order Pony size. 

Quarter Horse size will fit most standard size horses, Arabs included. If your Arab has tiny feet, then consider Pony size. It is the size of the hoof that dictates the size you need to order. If you have a standard size horse with huge feet oversized hooves, you might consider buying the Warmblood size. If your horse with huge feet is wearing shoes, consider buying Warmblood size. And in reverse; we've seen some Thoroughbreds with smaller feet that would do well wearing the Quarter/or standard size socks. Call us or drop us an email and we will help you fit them if you are in doubt about what size to order.

Put a plastic bag over the hoof. Pull the sock on over the plastic bag. Remove the bag. Put the hoof down and adjust the socks. The socks will glide on over the foot rather than get snagged on the hoof. Duct tape works great when your horse won't accept a bag on its hoof