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Eddie, Mammouth Donkey, Owner N. Baptist. 5-6 y/o, Chronic Habro, aka: Summer Sore.


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Owner's Notes: "Every summer when the flies hit hard, he gets these sores. I've used Furazone, Aluspray, Alternating last summer with these preparations helped but have not made a dent in this sore this year."


Click for larger imageDay 1, 9/14/2014 of Summer Whinnys®: The day before, Eddie's veterinarian cleaned the sore, cut off all proud flesh. Owner is using nothing but the socks other than cleaning the leg daily.


Click for larger imageDay 15, 9/28/2014


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Day 32, 10/15/2014



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11/3/2014 Day 51, using only the sock.



Click for larger versionFinal Resolution to only scar tissue: 12/3/2014 Day 81





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