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Lilly of the Valley a.k.a Lilly. Owner Jackie V. 10-11 y/o Mare, 1/2 Arab, 1/2 Saddlebred.

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Owners notes: "I just purchased this mare however; I do have some history on her as I purchased her from a friend who owned her for 6 years. Lilly currently has scratches and we are not aware of an actual scratch diagnosis in the past. She did have some issues on the same pastern with severe redness about one year ago. There is no additional history.
I was told to wash the affected area daily with a betadine solution and then to put on zephyr’s garden cream. I was also told to pick off the scabbing as it loosened. Lilly was recently diagnosed with scratches by the farrier who noticed the scabbing on her left rear pastern. This was also confirmed by my veterinarian.

After doing the above for just over one week I saw no progress in the healing process. At this time, I started to search for solutions on the internet and came across several things which I have also tried to no avail. They include:
Diaper rash cream
Anti-fungal Spray
Tea Tree oil"
Jackie V



Click for larger imageLilly, Day 1 of Summer Whinnys® 9/10/2014




Click for larger imageLilly 6 days later: 9/16/2014 Wearing Summer Whinnys® daily, nothing else applied to the sores, and changing the socks every 24 hours with clean socks. Owners Note: 9/16/2014 "This is Lilly's rear left pastern just a few days after starting the sox. I am AMAZED about the quick progress!!!!!"


Owners Note on follow-up 1/22/215 "She is still doing well. I rave about the sox every chance I get. I see people asking about scratches on various sits - I always tell them Don't mess around. Get Summer Whinnys for your horse!"



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