Animal Rescue

About Animal Rescue Efforts

If every animal lover in this country gave up one cup of Starbucks® coffee or one lunch out a week, and at the end of the month donated those saved proceeds to the animal rescue fund of their choice, imagine how much could be done to help all of the animals in need. Even if you send $10.00 per month, you and many others can change the course of events for many many animals. It's that simple. Do something. Don't do nothing.

Sox For Horses, Inc has donated to many horse and animal rescue efforts. The lists below are growing but always incomplete.

Featured Animal Rescue Groups

Doberman Pinscher and Little Paws Rescue - Located in Filmore, California. Ardis Braun is a great animal rescue angel. Ardis and her team of volunteers have rescued and placed over 9 thousand dogs since their beginnings with dog rescue. Ardis has given her life and all of her resources to helping dogs go from desperation to great loving homes. Every dollar you send goes to the dogs.

Horse Haven of Tennessee - You couldn't help a nicer bunch of people who give their time, their resources and their love to abandoned and suffering horses. Every dollar you send goes to the horses.

4 Steps Horse Rescue - Located here in Tallahassee, Florida.

Rainbows Edge Equine Transition Center - Located in Greenville, Florida.
Our Ever Growing Incomplete List Of Animal Rescue Groups

  • B&C Equine Rescue
  • Beauty's Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.
  • Bright Futures Farm
  • CHI Foundation (Churchill Downs Charitites - Pony Up)
  • Crystal Peak Youth Ranch
  • Edgewood Longears Safehouse
  • Emerald City Thoroughbred Project Rehab, Transitioning & Rehoming
  • Equine WellBeing Rescue Inc.
  • Fleet Of Angels
  • Florida Chapter of the National Barrel Horse Association (Injured Rider Benefit)
  • Horse Haven of Tennessee
  • Hooved Animal Welfare Counsel
  • Horse Feathers Equine Rescue
  • Journey's End Animal Sanctuary
  • Lewis Farm and Equine Rescue
  • Life Savers Wild Horse Rescue
  • Ortega Mountain Ranch Incredible people in an incredible place, doing wonderful things for horses.
  • Our Mims Retirement Haven
  • Prim Rose Donkey Sanctuary
  • Project Sage Horse Rescue
  • Rainbow Meadows Equine Rescue
  • Red Bucket Rescue Angels
  • Rock N Acres Animal Rescue - Rock N Acres is run by Lori Anne Baire who provides for horses and all other animals that get dumped in Texas County Oklahoma. She is not a 501c3 but deserves help as much as any other rescue. The county uses her to assess animal abuse cases and yet she is not paid to do so. She is not paid to take in the animals they find that have been dumped. She is on her own folks and she does a great job. Now with her husband Jerry, passed away, Lori Anne can use all the help she gets, but you won't ever hear her ask for it.
  • Six eastern locations of the United States Equine Rescue League
  • Stolen Horse International
  • The Donkey Sanctuary
  • The Golden Carrot Equine Rescue
  • The Shetland Pony Welfare Trust UK
  • TheraPony (Awesome Rescue!)
  • Transitions Thoroughbred - Wonderful things that Mindy Lovell does for TBs shipped over the boarder into Canada for slaugher. She gets them out as she can, rehabs and re-homes. Her statistics speak for themselves. Love up on her. She has given her whole life and her own money to rescuing TBs.
  • Traveler's Rest Equine Sanctuary
  • Wind Chill Legacy
Thank you for buying our socks for horses which in turn benefits animal
rescue efforts! Raymond Petterson, President, Sox for Horses, Inc.