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Sox for the Rider Within Us All

HiHo Silver Sox® are “over the calf” boot socks meant to feel good on your feet and legs in your choice of riding or barn boots.

They are made to fit nearly every leg and foot from skinny to full figure. We’ve not yet found a leg they will not fit and we’ve had some wonderful full-figured ladies and some skinny legged women put them to the test.

HiHo Silver boot socks are made with a softer version of the same remarkable wicking silver yarn as our Silver Whinnys®. Soft plush terry surrounds hard working feet and calves with all day comfort. Silver is natures antimicrobial and inhibits mold, mildew and odors in the socks. These wonderful and all day comfortable socks are made with the same remarkable wicking silver yarn as our Silver Whinnys®. Moisture wicking yarn helps keep feet dry while silver seriously inhibits the odor-causing bacteria and mildew in the socks. Feet are dry, cool, and clean all day long. Our socks are made to fit nearly every foot and leg.

The silver will not wash out or weaken for the life of the socks. Machine wash and dry at any temperature. No bleach or fabric softener.

Our socks are not made with cotton. They are made with 100% polyester yarn which will never turn into a petri dish of bacteria and fungi on your legs.


HiHo Silver Sox®

Instructions for Choosing Fit:

Its not about the foot size. Our socks will fit every foot size except kids, but we may make those too. Using a measuring tape, measure on the bottom of your foot from the tip of your big toe to just below the back your knee and choose the best length.

If you feet are small and your legs are short, the 18” size may be just right.

If your feet are large, and your legs are long, you might need the 24” socks. If you have small, medium or large feet and have full figured legs, order the longer 24” length socks.

HiHo Silver Sox®:
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18” length Riding Boot Socks


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HiHo Silver Sox®:
Medium-Large | HiHo-Silver-Sox-24-116

24” length Riding Boot socks


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