Case Study #5

Case Profile

Eddie, Mammouth Donkey, Owner N. Baptist. 5-6 y/o, Chronic Habro, aka: Summer Sore.

Case Study

Click for larger version Owner's Notes: "Every summer when the flies hit hard, he gets these sores. I've used Furazone, Aluspray, Alternating last summer with these preparations helped but have not made a dent in this sore this year."

Click for larger image Day 1, 9/14/2014 of Summer Whinnys®: The day before, Eddie's veterinarian cleaned the sore, cut off all proud flesh. Owner is using nothing but the socks other than cleaning the leg daily.

Day 15, 9/28/2014
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Day 32, 10/15/2014
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Day 43, 11/3/2014 : using only the sock.
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Day 72, 12/3/2014 : Final Resolution to only scar tissue
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