Do's & Don'ts


Do contact us if you have any questions about the size of the socks to order, or if you want to know if they will work for you under your given circumstances. 850-907-5724.

Do read the instructions that come with the socks for putting them on and taking them off. If you do, you will have an easy time of using them. They aren't hard to use. If you are putting them on a horse that is sore or in pain, practice putting on and taking off the socks with a horse that isn't in pain or choose a leg that isn't the one in trouble until you are smooth and practiced. Visit our Support > Sock Support for additional Tech Support.

Do Adjust or at least inspect Whinny Warmers® and Silver Whinnys® twice a day for correct position and fit.

Do put a plastic bag over the hoof before pulling on the socks. We include a Hefty® plastic bag with each pair/set of socks for this reason. Be sure to go buy more! Using the bag will make putting them on a breeze! If your horse doesn't like plastic bags on its hoof then cover all the rough places with duct tape and then pull the socks on. Either way, your job will be simple if all the rough parts of the hoof are covered before pulling on the socks!

Do keep an extra set or two handy so that one set is on and one set is ready. This is very important. Silver Whinnys® when used as a bandage must be changed with clean socks every 24 hours in order to keep a strong antimicrobial barrier against the leg. Whinny Warmers must stay dry and really are only best used in the barn. See Whinny Whellies® for a great solution for keeping socks and legs warm and dry in bad winter weather.

Do wash Whinny Warmer® and Silver Whinnys® all you want to. Put them in the washer and dryer. The infrared yarn in the Whinny Warmers® is there to stay and the silver in the Silver Whinnys® also will not degrade or wash out.

Do If your horse is outside all of the time and in muddy, cold and wet weather go to Whinny Whellies® to see our bad weather leg gear.

Do wash them in the washing machine and dryer. They will clean better and the elastic will recondition better. Use free and clear detergents. Don't use bleach or fabric softeners.

Do continue to use any topical medications your vet advises or prescribes.

Do tell us what you think about Whinny Warmers® and Silver Whinnys®. Thanks!

Do tell your freinds our socks!


Don't use Whinny Warmers® or Silver Whinnys® if your horse won't allow you to safely be around its legs! Using Whinny Warmers® or Silver Whinnys® requires that you can handle a horse's legs and feet. If you have a horse that won't let you safely around its legs, do not attempt to put Whinny Warmers® or Silver Whinnys® on that horse!

Don't leave your horse for over 12 hours without inspecting any horse wear that you might be using! If this you can't see your horse twice a day, contact us so that we can help you figure out an alternative. Also go to Support > Sock Support. We have some other possible solutions there.

Don't use Bleach or chlorine. Avoid perfumed detergents or softener sheets as these can irritate equine skin.

Don't put all of the socks on your horse at one time! See our FAQ (insert link here for this topic in the Silver Whinnys FAQ on this subject.) Gently introduce your horse to all things new.

Don't ride or exercise any horse when it's wearing Whinny Warmers® or Silver Whinnys®. We've never had a horse injured because a sock came off, but you don't want to be on board if it happens because the horse could trip or stumble.

Don't use Whinny Warmers® in the summer. They are socks for cold temperatures! Silver Whinnys® are the year-round leg protection/bandage/barrier sock.

Don't leave wet or muddy winter Whinny Warmers® socks on your horse. They are best used for indoor use only as they are not waterproof. If you horse is outside all of the time or even just during the day and needs leg warmth. Go to Whinny Whellies® to learn more.

Don't worry about wet Silver Whinnys® They love the wet. Moisture activates the antimicrobial qualities of the socks so wash the horse while the socks are on! But in the winter, for outside horses keep the Silver Whinnys warm and dry using our Whinny Wellies®

Don't buy them if you don't see your horse for days and no one can observe that the socks are up and in place. Go to Support > Sock Support if you can see your horse at least once a day. We may be able to help.