FAQs - Whinny Wellies  

QUESTION #01 If I already own the Whinny Warmers or Silver Whinnys which ones do I order?

The unlined Whinny Wellies are great to use with Silver Whinnys® and Whinny Warmers®. It’s just as important to keep Silver Whinnys dry and warm as Whinny Warmers. For that matter, if you have a horse in a wrap bandage or standing wraps, the unlined Bandage Whinny Wellies can allow you to walk your horse on lead and not get your expensive bandaging or wraps wet and trashed in mud, rain or snow. When your horse is finally out of the bandages and wraps and you want to just have the Wellies to cover the Whinny Warmers or Silver Whinnys, you can send them back and we will adjust them for new use.


QUESTION #02 How do I put them on?

Whinny Wellies open from the sides so that they are easy on and off. You don’t have to pull them over the hoof. Heavy duty hook and loop secures them and is reinforced by stainless steel ‘hard action’ snaps. We make a left leg and right leg pair.


QUESTION #03 Will they stay up?

Yes. We reinforce their stay up protection using Rigilene® boning to keep them upright on the leg. They won’t slump.


QUESTION #04 How do I wash them?

Machine wash gently and hang to dry. The infrared Lined Whinny Wellies can be placed near a warm air vent, near the fireplace or wood stove for drying. Dryers tend to be too hot for the materials and your dryers has a “cool air” function. The unlined Whinny Wellies can be hosed off and hung to dry. Less is better with the Whinny Wellies. You don’t need to wash them often. Protecting the waterproof aspects of the Whinny Wellies is easy if you use TechWash® when machine washing. TechWash® is a waterproof protecting gentle detergent offered by NikWax®. You can order this product directly on line at NikWax.com or you can go to their website and see if there is a Nikwax dealer near you.


QUESTION #05 What are they made out of?

Whinny Wellies® are made of a three-part system of densely woven fabric, micro-porous polyurethane coating, and a water repellent finish. This fabric is waterproof, windproof, breathable, durable, and high performance. The best quality high-tension, ‘hard action’ snap closures and heavy-duty hook and loop fasteners are utilized to bring to our customers a product that is well-constructed and equine rough and tough. They are American made and utilize the best materials and are hand made to fit your horse.


QUESTION #06 How long will they last?

Whinny Wellies are meant to last a long time. We believe they will last for years unless you have a equine that destroys leg wear or other equine garments. If you are using them to protect Silver Whinnys and Silver Whinnys are being used as a bandage over a wound, injury or dermatitis condition, then pain, inflammation, and itching caused by these conditions could bear on if your horse will leave everything alone, but we have ways to help a horse through stage 2 healing and will be discussing that with you when you order.


QUESTION #07 My horse has to wear trail boots. Can you make them to work with the trail boots?

This is not uncommon and is even recommended by Dr Kellon of the ECIR group for horses that are cold weather laminitis prone. We can custom make the Whinny Wellies to fit with your choice of trail/hoof boot. This customization does not cost any extra. When you order, provide us with photos of the boots you are using. Be sure to give us a rear view of them too, preferably when your horse is wearing them.


QUESTION #08 Do they vent?

Yes. In the industry, high quality outerwear garments are touted to move moisture produced by the body’s heat caused by exertion away from the body so that moisture does not build up in the under garments, but according to those who put outerwear through extreme winter conditions such as athletes and mountain climbers, there is no such thing. Producing garments that also “vent” is critical. Our system of snaps and hook & loop allow the owner/handler to leave small gap openings in the side closures so that heated air can escape. A space as small as ½-1 inch in the hook & loop can help this built up moisture vent. The heavy-duty stainless steel snaps pick up the slack in what is needed to keep the Whinny Wellies closed and secure.


QUESTION #09 What is infrared fabric?

Infrared fabric brings a whole new level of comfort, warmth and circulation therapy to horses challenged by circulation impairing conditions such as founder, laminitis, IR Cushings, Equine Metabolic Syndrome and the pain of arthritis. Infrared fabric is the first and only responsive textile to secure Joint FDA Designations.

It’s a proven fact that metabolically challenged horses often have difficulty adjusting to cold temperatures. This is an actual health hazard for horses that have experienced founder or chronic laminitis, as blood vessels in their legs and hooves are likely already damaged. This damage can worsen in cold weather, causing extreme pain and even laminitis. Infrared fabric is the world’s most technologically advanced infrared energy fiber that encourages not only alleviation of pain and other negative symptoms, but an actual improvement of the body's natural systems. If people can wear this remarkable fiber, why shouldn’t your horse wear it too?


QUESTION #10 What are the various models of Whinny Wellies?

We make them to fit the situation and this includes:
  1. Unlined Whinny Wellies to be worn over our socks.
  2. Unlined Bandage/Wrap Whinny Wellies to be worn with bandages and standing wraps.
  3. Unlined Whinny Wellies built to be worn in combination with Whinny Warmers and trail/hoof boots. They look the same but the elastic at the bottom is more open to come down well to the boot and the skirt is large enough to go over the boot.
  4. Unlined Whinny Wellies built to be worn in combination with Whinny Warmers and trail/hoof boots. They look the same but the elastic at the bottom is more open to come down well to the boot and the skirt is large enough to go over the boot.
  5. Infrared fabric lined Whinny Wellies to offer horses the circulation therapy of infrared fabric and waterproof outdoor foul weather leg gear.

  6. Infrared fabric lined Whinny Wellies built to be worn with trail/hoof boots. They look the same but the elastic at the bottom is more open to come down well to the boot, The infrared fabric is brought as far down to the top of the hoof as possible and the hoof skirt is large enough to go over the boot.


QUESTION #11 Do you make them for Draft Horses?

Yes. And they do not cost any more than the other horse size Whinny Wellies.


QUESTION #12 Can I use them in the summer?

They are not for Summer wear, but Spring, Fall, and Winter, yes.


QUESTION #13 How much do they cost?

Unlined Whinny Wellies are 120.00 per pair, $90.00 per pair for miniature horses. Infrared fabric Lined Whinny Wellies are $150.00 per pair.


QUESTION #14 How do I order them?

You can order them here online. See the attached "measuring chart" which shows you what measurements you need to take so that we can make them to fit your horse. When you fill out your order on the cart, put the measurements into the NOTE: section of the cart and if we have any questions, we will call you OR, you can call us to order.


QUESTION #15 How long does it take to get them made and delivered?

Postage is by Priority. Having them made is dependent upon how many orders are ahead of your order. Usually, one week to build them and then Priority USPS takes a few days to deliver.


QUESTION #16 How do I measure my horse for fit?

Download and print this measuring chart. All you have to do is go by the chart.