How To

How many socks do I need?

We recommend a set of four (4) socks as a good start. If you are using the socks for fly protection, they need to be washed every 2-3 days to keep the elastics and yarns optimized; one set will have all 4 legs protected.

Jiminy Cricket, a mini stallion, is wearing 4 Summer Whinnys™. If you are using the Silver Whinnys™ as a bandage/barrier for dermatitis or injuries, the socks must be changed daily and replaced with clean, dry socks. If only two legs are involved, one set of 4 socks will provide 2 socks on and 2 socks clean and ready, but this will require you to machine wash and dry a pair of socks daily. If 4 legs are involved, you will need two sets of 4 socks so that one set is on and one set is clean and ready.

Sox For Horses, Inc. offers pairs for those wanting to replace older socks with new ones. A pair of socks could be a choice if you are not sure if your horse will accept the socks. Used pairs are not refundable.

If you need the socks as a bandage/barrier for dermatitis or injuries, one pair is not enough. You would have to leave the legs unprotected while the socks are being laundered. When the socks are used as a barrier/bandage, they must be replaced every 24 hours. If the weather conditions are constantly wet and muddy, the socks must be changed twice a day to keep the silver action optimized in the socks.