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How to Order Outside the U.S.

Sox For Horses! offers direct shipping to the UK and Canada using DHL. We can also ship to countries not served by our list of international dealers.

Shipping only takes 4-6 days to deliver once your order is complete. Because our Webcart cannot calculate shipping, there is not a function to order from our US cart.

All of our products are available to you directly from Sox For Horses now because of DHL shipping. That includes our Silver Whinnys, Custom made Silver Whinnys for draft and draft cross, Silver Bells, Whinny Wellies, and any of our specialty bandaging such as the Deconstructed Silver Whinnys which are like medical tubing, and our Large Bandage Sox. We can also make other forms of custom bandaging for your horse.

This is how to do it.

1. Send us your shipping address and your phone number to

Let us know what you need and we will help you with sizing once we have your measurements. We can help discuss your needs as well. If you know you want Silver Whinnys, please provide the measurements of the largest hoof on your horse...(see photo) Length= from the tip of the toes to the end of the heel bulbs. Width = widest width of the hoof. Also let us know if your horse is wearing shoes. SEE:

2. If wounds or a bad case of dermatitis, hock sores, bed sores on the knees or fetlocks, is the situation, photos would be super helpful in speeding up the process between discussion/ invoicing and shipping. We want to make sure we get the best bandaging solution to you. Check out some of our Bandaging solutions in Articles #15 - # 22.

3. If you wish to discuss our custom products such as custom hook and loop socks or pull-over socks, Whinny Wellies or Silver Bells, or other special bandaging, we can help determine if these products are the right solution for your horse.

Other product measuring charts SEE:
(Silver Bells Pastern Wraps)
(Whinny Wellies)
(Custom Silver Whinnys for Draft or special needs) Measure for Custom Pullover or Hook & Loop Silver Whinnys

4. Once we know what you need and want, we will send an invoice for payment which will include the shipping cost. We invoice via Paypal so keep an eye out in your mailbox for our invoice. You do not need a Paypal account to pay the invoice!

Providing your shipping address and phone number is very important so that we can determine the shipping quote.

You do not need to pay the invoice if you feel there is something you wish to change in your order. Simply let us know and we will edit the invoice and resubmit.

Thank you!

For more information about our Sox and other bandaging options, please go to