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How to Order Outside the US

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Sox For Horses ships direct to the UK and Canada. We do not have dealers in either country and other dealers in the EU are not allowed to ship into the UK or Canada with our products.

Thank you for your interest in our equine and people products. Be sure to measure the hoof and let us know the measurements if you need help with sizing. If your horse is in shoes, or wearing hoof boots, or chronic swelling or lymphangitis or lymphedema, let us know. Also let us know if you have physical limitations that would make it difficult for you to pick up your horse’s hooves and pull the socks over them. This way we can make sure you get the optimum bandaging solution. Then see below for ordering on line. If you believe you may need custom orders for pull over or hook and loop socks, drop and email as they cannot be ordered on line.

hoof measurements

You can order right from our website. Choose International shipping. The $50.00 USD shipping charge is a placeholder to allow you to complete your order on the cart. When we receive an international order, we determine shipping costs based on your actual order and delivery location. Your order is processed for actual label cost needed to get the socks to you. Most of the time in the UK, it’s around $40.00 - $48.00 USD depending on where you live and that is for 4-5 day delivery UPS. Generally, one set or two sets of socks are going to be the same shipping cost. The Channel Islands leave us with fewer shipping options but if shipping exceeds $50.00 we pay the difference if only 1-2 sets of socks. In Canada shipping ranges between $28.00 to $48.00 USD depending on where you are located. The Islands can be at the top of the shipping cost range. We ship UPS nearly 99% of the time. If you can’t get UPS delivery, let us know in the notes section of the check out form.

Thank you. Let us know if we can help you further. Shipping for International Orders DO NOT include VAT/DUTIES broker fees or Taxes levied by the country of order destination. Payment of any of these fees are the responsibility of the Customer. By continuing with your order through payment you are agreeing to pay the VAT.Duties/Taxes that are assessed by your country. Thank you.

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HAVING TROUBLE ORDERING ONLINE? Here is some help. If you continue to have trouble, email us at

After you have chosen the product you want, you are guided to the checkout Forms. The first screen shows what you have ordered and allows you to choose “Checkout” or “Paypal”.

Once you have chosen “checkout” or “Paypal” you will be guided to the next form page.

  1. Shipping Method: There is a small drop-down menu. Choose “international” if you are ordering outside the US or” USPS Priority” if you live in the US.
  2. Fill in “how did you find out about us?” Thank you for doing that. It is a necessary field, but we appreciate your willingness to let us know.
  3. If your order still does not go through, check with your credit card company to make sure there is not a hold on your credit card. This can happen if you are ordering from out of the US as this is an international purchase. Locally, it may indicate trouble with your card.