METHOD 1: Individual Single Wraps of Tape  




METHOD 1: Individual Single Wraps of Tape.






1. Begin your taping on the inside of the leg heading forward around the cannon bone.

2. Go around the front of the cannon bone and head back and around the rear tendon.

Applying pressure with your hand to the tape and front on the cannon bone ensures that when you come around the rear tendon, you are not pulling the tape tight. Avoid putting the tape around the rear tendon tightly. We purposefully “lay” the tape lightly going around the rear tendon and never pull tape from the roll in a manner that causes the tape around the rear tendon to tighten.

3. End the tape along the cannon bone where you began with a 1-inch overlap so it is well secured; hold the tape securely so that if you tear it off, you don’t ruin your work by causing all of the tape to tighten. Using bandage scissors to clip the tape won’t cause all of your nice light taping to tighten.

4. Then create a finger tab of tape so that you can easily grab the tape and pull it off.

Regardless of which method you choose: When you need more tape from the roll, grab the tape that is around the front of the cannon bone, hold it securely and pull off enough needed to either finish, or on a spiral wrap, continue. This prevents any taping from being drawn tight. Pull off enough tape from the roll so that you are never tugging on tape as you wrap. Keep the tape slack as you wrap it.

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