Keeping Silver Whinnys in Place  





Method 2: Spiral Pattern Taping






A. Single layer of tape only
B. Wrapped just barely snug, never tight
C. If there are indentations in the socks caused by the tape, start over.

You should not see a dent in the sock material if this has been done correctly.

  1. Keep the tape at all times free of tension. This method requires that you hold the tape often to make sure that as you are pulling tape off the roll or spiraling it down around the leg, you are not pulling the tape tight on the leg.
  2. Use your hands a lot to secure the tape against the leg which will help you keep that spiral lightly snug and do not allow the tape to tighten as you wrap. Wrap down around the fetlock (ankle) and onto the pastern.
  3. Cut the tape off and then press all the tape well up and down the leg.

Create a finger tab of tape so that you can easily grab the tape and pull it off.

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