silver bells logo Silver Bells® Pastern Wraps separate your horse’s pastern and top of the hoof from one of the primary causes of Equine Pastern Dermatitis – prolonged exposure to mud. When you can’t change your horse’s muddy environment, when battling dermatitis or trying to prevent EPD, the best thing you can do is protect the skin so that mudfever, greasy heel, wounds, and even summer sores can finally heal.

silver bells These pastern wraps are made with Ballistic Cordura® fabric on the outside and double layer lined with our soft Silver Whinnys® Sox material on the inside. It is a match made in heaven.

Silver inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi in the lining material. It is a safe, non-toxic, drug-free bandage lining that obstructs disease-causing pathogens, mud and debris from penetrating the material helping to keep a clean, hygenic environment around the skin. Learn more about our Silver Whinnys

silver bells 2 The Ballistic Cordura® exterior is double reinforced at the heel. Hook&Loop Velcro® holds them closed from top to bottom. Waterproof Biothane straps with stainless steel buckles keep them closed and offer adjustment of fit. The Silver Bells where made to tolerate slogging through heavy mud. Care is easy. They can be machine washed and dried daily to keep the antimicrobial qualities of the lining at optimum power. The straps can be pulled out and washed in a bucket of water. They can be worn over our Silver Whinnys® to keep the socks free of mud and debris, making Silver Whinnys a breeze to manage in wet muddy conditions.

silver bells 2 The added Cordura reinforcement at the heels helps protect the bells from rare interference but these wraps are not bell boots! The purpose of the Silver Bells® is to protect the tissue of the pastern and top of the hoof from prolonged exposure to mud and debris, and keep the skin wrapped in a hygienic environment while wounds, sores, or dermatitis heal.

If your horse suffers from Interference injuries, 'over-reaching: 'forging: 'brushing: 'grabbing: 'scalping: on the front or rear limbs respectively, bell boots can be worn over the Silver Bells®. Remove the straps and put on the bells. If the wraps are left unprotected from Interference, just like bell boots, they will be destroyed so protect them so that they can protect your horse and help you continue to heal your horse.
Silver Bells® come in Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, and we can make them custom to fit any horse smaller or humongous at no additional cost.

Using the Measuring Chart below. measure your horse. Then call or email us before you purchase so that we can help you choose the correct size.
Silver Bells FAQ

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silver bells measuring chart