About Short Socks

About Silver Whinnys® Short Socks

The Short Version socks are not good for horses in pasture or if the horse is often observed. They are for horses that are supervised. The short version of the Silver Whinnys®

The Short Version socks were created for a USET veterinarian who often treats horses suffering from Equine Pastern Dermatitis such as Summer Sores,(Habronemiasis) and performance boot abrasions. These conditions were located on the top of the hoof, the pastern and the fetlock (ankle). This short sock is ideal for protecting these conditions in this area of the leg. They are very easy for grooms manage but because they are short, they could easily come off. They work great on a horse that is constantly monitored as in the show barns but for a horse that is in pasture all day and not managed by grooms, you really want to choose the regular length socks.

One customer tells us: “They are fantastic for bedsores! I know they make commercial neoprene fetlock protectors for bedsores but they are hot in the summer and wear the hair off the pastern. The ones that are tall have velcro above and below the joint. If put on too tight or incorrectly they can put pressure on the tendons or they twist around if they aren't tight enough. The short sox are just perfect....easy to get on, easy to get off, just the right length to protect but not be cumbersome! They wash well and don't lose their shape. They are comfortable for the horse and you don't have to worry about stressing a tendon. And they have the specially treated yarns that give them the antimicrobial properties you designed into them. You should try marketing the short sox for bedsores. From reading the forums online, there are a whole lot of folks out there who need something better than neoprene on their horses' legs!” C.R. Montana