Sock Support

Making Certain My Socks Fit Correctly When I Get Them

When you have the first sock on your horse’s leg, put your hand between the sock and cannon bone. They should not be constrictively tight. For more information about Compression and Silver Whinnys, go to Silver Whinnys FAQs.

As long as you use the plastic bag over the hoof to pull the socks onto the leg, they should go on without your struggling desperately to pull them over the hoof. Though the first few times you put the socks on may be a challenge, they should not cause you a great struggle if your horse is standing still. Our largest size sock, the Warmblood/TB size will not go over a hoof larger than 7.25 x 7.25 inches without a shoe. If your horse’s hooves are larger than this save time and shipping costs by letting us make your horse custom socks. If you can sew, we also provide instructions so that you can customize your own Silver Whinnys.