Sock Support

Helpful Wound and Sock Management Tips
(Warning: There are graphic images in this section.)

This section presents wound and dermatitis bandaging solutions that utilize Silver Whinnys® along with helpful wound management and sock tips that can lead to a less painful, daily nursing/handling experience for your animal. Included are some bandaging suggestions for dogs/canine. We invite you to contact us if you have any questions.

See “The Stages of Healing” for information about how wounds heal and the ways our socks are useful in the process.

Click on the links below for specific Silver Whinnys® bandaging solutions or scroll through to see if any inspire you to create your own solution. Sox For Horses! is always willing to help you design and build your own bandage using Silver Whinnys® materials or we can construct custom bandages if needed.

Per the Instructions in our packaging and on the website, we remind you to begin using the socks properly. Following these instructions will most likely prevent damage to the socks and lead to easy acceptance by your horse. THE FIRST TIME YOU USE THE SOCKS, IN THE FIRST 24-48 HOURS, PUT THEM ON ONLY 2 LEGS. Silver Whinnys® feel different from anything your horse has ever had on its legs. BEGIN IN THE MORNING WHEN YOU CAN OBSERVE YOUR HORSE’S LEVEL OF COMFORT WITH THE SOCKS. Some horses find it strange that the socks conform and move with the motion of the legs. Your horse must be comfortable with the first two socks on its legs during the daylight hours IF you are to leave those two socks on overnight.

For Help with Whinny Warmers, our winter socks or or Whinny Welliies, our bad weather leg protection gear, go to FAQs or Contact us.

#01 Using Silver Whinnys® as Bandaging for Large Surface Wounds
#02 Application of Topical Medications
#03 Why NOT to Remove Scabs!
#04 The Challenges of Bandaging
#05 Make Sure You Have Proper Sock Fit.
#06 About Compression and Silver Whinnys®
#07 The Horse in Pain
#08 Bandaging Options for the Horse in Pain
#09 Keeping the Silver Whinnys® in Place and Protected - How to Use Electrical Tape
#10 Method 1: Individual Single Wraps of Tape
#11 Method 2: Spiral Pattern Taping
#12 What If the Electrical Tape Isn’t Working?
#13 Put the Socks On Upside Down for Clever Horses and Donkeys.
#14 Extend the Life of Your Silver Whinnys®
#15 Deconstructed Silver Whinnys® as Silver Medical Tubing
#16 Bandaging Options for the Horse in Pain Due to Dermatitis
#17 Hook and Loop ‘Velcro®’ Silver Whinnys®
#18 Bandaging Large Joints: Silver Whinnys® Large Bandage Socks
#19 Custom Silver Whinnys® for the Draft, Draft-Cross, and Elephants
#20 Bandaging Solutions for Dogs and Other Animals
#21 Bandaging for Equine Head Injuries and Facial UV Sensitivities
#22 More Bandaging Solutions That Utilize Deconstructed Silver Whinnys® medical tubing.
#23 Fly Protection That Can Last
#24 How to Choose the Right Socks
#25 Silver Whinnys® Putting On and Taking Socks Off (Video)