Using Silver Whinnys as Bandaging

Helpful Wound and Sock Management Tips.

Using Silver Whinnys® as Bandaging over Large Surface Wounds Until a dry and durable granulation bed is achieved over the surface of a wound, which will happen with the help of the Silver Whinnys, it can be uncomfortable for your horse to have the socks pulled on or taken off over a broad surface of damaged tissue. Depending on the severity of the wound, developing a dry and durable granulation tissue may take time. It could happen in a week or take much longer on very serious or larger surface wounds.

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The socks allow valuable oxygen to reach the tissue surface speeding along this process. The ability of the socks to wick the exuding serums, blood, puss and other matter into the socks and then transfer it away from the wound through evaporation will also contribute to a faster achievement of durable granulation tissue. You can protect the fragile wound tissue by placing a Tefla® pad over the wound surface area before pulling on or taking off the socks. You can use easy to remove electrical tape to hold the Tefla pad in place until the sock is ready for final placement and adjustment over the wound.

Use this method to gently remove the sock from over a wound. First, gently make sure that the sock is not stuck to the wound surface. If it is, stop. Spray the sock liberally (soak) with warm, clean water and give time for the sock to release from the wound gently. Never tear off the sock from the wound surface! That would be very painful for your horse.

Once the sock is no longer stuck to the wound, place a Tefla pad over the wound. Use a bit of electrical tape to hold it in place and then remove the socks. While the Tefla pad is still in place, put on a clean sock. Everything in wound healing should be gentle so that you keep your horse a willing partner in its own rehab. We thank Caryl U., a vet tech in Mississippi, for this great sock-changing tip.

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