Whinny Warmers

If you had painful arthritis or suffered from bad circulation would you be comfortable with bare-naked legs in the winter? Of course not and your horse doesn’t have to either.

Whinny Warmers® were invented as a simple solution to help our adopted geriatric mare suffering from arthritis handle the cold temperatures of winter. Even in North Florida, winter temperatures can drop into the low teens at night, making life miserable for old horses. Evie was often found standing as though frozen to the ground. Anyone with arthritis in hands or feet understands how soothing warmth can be for this condition. Warmth also promotes circulation in the limbs. Just like dancers’ leg warmers, Whinny Warmers, were created to pile as much sock on cold leg structures as possible, to keep muscles, tendons and ligaments comfortable by offering warmth, comfort and to help increase circulation. Whinny Warmers have also become useful to help keep legs warm prior to strenuous competition.

Visit the Whinny Warmers FAQ page for answers to many questions.

Never content with ordinary yarn to accomplish solving big problems for horses, SFHs discovered infrared yarn and incorporated this remarkable yarn into Whinny Warmers.

Whinny Warmers® with infrared yarn, brings a whole new level of comfort, warmth and circulation therapy to horses challenged by circulation impairing conditions such as founder, laminitis, IR Cushings, Equine Metabolic Syndrome and the pain of arthritis.

Infrared yarn is the first and only responsive textile to secure Joint FDA Designations.

It’s a proven fact that metabolically challenged horses often have difficulty adjusting to cold temperatures. This is an actual health hazard for horses that have experienced founder or chronic laminitis, as blood vessels in their legs and hooves are likely already damaged. This damage can worsen in cold weather, causing extreme pain and even laminitis.

infrared yarn is the world’s most technologically advanced infrared energy fiber that encourages not only alleviation of pain and other negative symptoms, but an actual improvement of the body's natural systems. If people can wear this remarkable fiber, why shouldn’t your horse wear it too? Whinny Warmers® are well made. They are meant to last many winters and not expensive. Keep one pair dry and ready while the first pair is on. Protect Whinny Warmers by keeping them warm and dry while your horse is outdoors with our new Whinny Wellies™.

What does infrared yarn do to help your horse?
infrared yarn absorbs light (both visible and infrared) and changes the wavelength to a form beneficial to the body. The energy from this light improves blood flow in the targeted area. Infrared yarn works by increasing the amount of blood traveling into the affected area, not by causing the blood to absorb more oxygen. The increased blood flow and tissue oxygen levels help muscles and joints combat stiffness, soreness and edema caused by aging, injury or arthritis.

Infrared light is a naturally occurring wavelength just outside the visible light spectrum. Not to be confused with UV light, which is on the opposite end of the spectrum, infrared is widely recognized for having positive effects on the body. It is a medically proven vasodilator, which means it promotes circulation, increases tissue oxygen levels, enhances cell vitality and regulates body temperature.

One key mineral in infrared yarn is titanium dioxide, which is a photocatalytic, or light-absorbing mineral. Electromagnetic energy given off by the body is absorbed (typically in the infrared and visible light ranges) and then remitted back to the body with modified wavelengths. This energy is then able to reach more deeply into the tissue due to the increased refraction and light scattering properties of the minerals in infrared yarn. In the tissue, the energy vasodilates (opens) blood vessels and allows more oxygenated blood flow to reach poorly circulating areas. The increased blood flow and tissue oxygen levels help muscles and joints combat stiffness, soreness and edema caused by aging, injury or arthritis.

Products containing infrared yarn have no adverse effects as they work directly with the body to enable it to be more effective, and as such, can be used continually.

Just as the silver used in the Silver Whinnys® never washes or degrades, infrared yarn is also a remarkable yarn technology that will last and be strong for the life of the socks. Horse owners can also feel confident that the fiber is non-toxic and biologically benign, working with the body to help it do what comes naturally.

Draper Equine® provides Sox For Horses!™ with the magnificent infrared yarn fabric that we use to make our new infrared yarn lined Whinny Wellies™. This model of our bad weather leg gear offer the best of both worlds, a waterproof solution to offering the therapy of infrared yarn for horses that live much of their life outdoors. Our socks and protective leg gear can improve the very quality of your horse’s life.

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Sox For Horses, Inc. is proud to continue its Made in America mission by utilizing infrared yarn. Infrared fiber and yarn are Made in America. It’s twice as rewarding to know that we can offer even greater benefits to horses and other equines, and do it through two fantastic, American yarn sciences.

See the FAQ page for Whinny Warmers® and learn how to use them to help your horse enjoy life more in the winter.